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The Heavies 2020: Innovation - Trailer (Medium Weight)

Medium Weight





The unique hybrid Power Pack Unit technology of the self-propelled modular trailer Eco1000 by Cometto.

Entry Overview:
Cometto has developed a new product where the Power Pack Unit is integrated under the loading platform. The so called Cometto Eco1000 is the new self-propelled electronically steered modular vehicle with integrated Power Pack Unit for in-plant transport jobs up to a payload of 1000 t. The whole concept builds on a future-oriented modular principle and offers an easy connect and drive configuration.

Cometto provides the widest range with the Eco1000 on the market: the compact vehicle is available with 2, 4 and 6 axle lines! They can be combined up to 4 units with interchangeable components, a wide selection of accessories and different Power Pack technologies: traditional propulsion technology for continuous performance, hybrid or the electric solution. And this hybrid option is UNIQUE and absolutely NEW TO THE MARKET

Describe the main objectives:
The customer has the freedom of choice between three different technologies of Power Pack Units. The widest range of Power Pack Units assures maximum flexibility. All Power Pack Units, traditional propulsion for continuous performance, hybrid and electric technology to meet the most advanced emissions standards requirements of the market have been designed and tested under the hardest conditions. They represent the cutting edge of technology and offer the highest performance and efficiency either in cold arctic conditions or in the dry desert heat.

With the hybrid Power Pack Unit of the self-propelled trailer, customers stay more flexible. Thanks to hybrid technology, they can combine the range of a traditional propulsion technology with the cleanliness of an electric motor and drive zero-emission distances. The lithium battery will be charged while driving and by recuperation, but also at its dedicated charging station. This Power Pack Unit is specifically designed for an outdoor – indoor use where full electric working is requested only for a specific work cycle. The hybrid unit is available for the 2-axles type with 2 driven suspensions and the 4-axles type, with 2 driven suspensions.

What were the outcomes?:
The name of the product speaks for itself: Eco1000 includes the word “eco” and this reflects the philosophy behind the development. “Eco” for “Economical” means that we want to save energy, time and resources. The idea was to be “eco”-friendly and to generate an “eco-logic system.

In our daily life, the hybrid car solution becomes more and more common. And Cometto brings this technology into the special transport world. The hybrid principle means that the trailer uses two engines i.e. an electric motor and a conventional diesel engine. The electric engine powers the vehicle at lower speeds and diesel engine powers it at higher speeds.

A hybrid transport system not only conserves fuel but also produce less CO2 emissions and contributes to a green footprint with the sector.

In short (40 words), please summaries your entry:
While the technology has existed since the early 1900’s, it has only been in the past decade that hybrid solutions came up. Cometto brings this environment-friendly technology now with its new Eco1000 into the special transport world.


Cometto Eco1000 6 axles - 3
Cometto Eco1000 - 3
Cometto Eco1000 - 2
Cometto Eco1000 4 axles - 1


Entry overview
The new generation of self-tracking semi lowloaders combines Goldhofer’s proven high standard of engineering with attractive terms plus practical details such as an intelligent load securing system. With the user-friendly self-tracking semi lowloaders in the »STEPSTAR« series, you are ideally equipped for everyday haulage operations with payloads of up to 70 t.

Describe the main objectives
Development of a new generation of self-tracking semi lowloader family under the following terms:

• Premium-Quality at attractive terms
• Flexible vehicles with smart details
• Simple operation and optimised accessories for day-to-day operations

What were the outcomes?
Excels in terms of payload at low deadweight
The self-tracking »STEPSTAR« semi lowloaders come with an outstanding payload-to-weight ratio. The whole trailer concept system is designed to an axle load 12 t at 80 km/h, which leads to a higher payload of 1 ton or more to comparable vehicles. That is the key to efficient and economical utilisation of your fleet.

Excels in terms of economics: Premium components for maximum service life
Thanks to the use of premium components as standard, you get an economical vehicle with excellent resale value plus tried-and-tested Goldhofer quality. The use of rugged, low-maintenance components as standard gives the STEPSTAR« semi lowloaders their long service life. The high degree of standardisation means that spare parts can be obtained quickly and easily if required.

Excels in terms of load securing with intelligent lashing system
The intelligent lashing system on the »STEPSTAR« semi lowloaders offers almost infinite flexibility for se- curing loads – thanks to the large number of anchor points and lashing rings. As an optional special feature, the »STEPSTAR« has positive-locking pocket stakes on the gooseneck. The optional “TraffideckGO” deck covering is also available for enhanced load security and reduced lashing requirements.

Excels in terms of flexibility: Economical, light, avoids damage to the ground
The long and light ramps of the »STEPSTAR« series are a further advantage in day-to-day transport operations. With a low ramp angle and the ground-friendly lowering mechanism, loading is child’s play. Fast and easy modular ramp installation and removal means fuel savings on the return journey.

In short (40 words), please summaries your entry
A new generation of self-tracking semi lowloaders with a lot of attractive terms plus practical details such as an intelligent load securing system in a payload class of up to 70 tons.

Product Brochure:




Nooteboom introduces the latest generation of lightweight extendible flatbed trailers.

Entry overview
Available with 2 or 3 hydraulically steered axles and with a single or double extendible load floor, extending up to a maximum length of 30m. The LONGRUNNER is particularly suitable for the transport of long self-supporting loads such as steel and concrete structures, but also for the transport of containers. The latest Nooteboom Longrunner contributes to maximum transport efficiency and minimum running costs. An extendible TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER with a dead weight of just 7,300 kg is now available. At the next

Describe the main objectives
Due to customer demand for lightweight flatbed trailers, Nooteboom started the development or the Longrunner end 2018 and launched the new trailer in November 2019 during the Solutrans in Lyon. The main objectives where reducing deadweight for higher load capacity, reducing operational costs by optimising the manoeuvrability and reducing tyre wear, optimising the ease of operation and improve transport safety by developing e.g. a new programme of headboards meeting the highest standards in the market.

What were the outcomes?
The LONGRUNNER is as standard equipped with hydraulically steered axles, including manual steering and the ASA alignment system. Thanks to the large steering angle of more than 50 degrees, the LONGRUNNER offers more transport efficiency, less tyre wear and excellent manoeuvrability. The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is available with a choice of tyre sizes, including 245/70R17.5, 435/50R19.5, 275/70R22.5 and 385/65R22.5. The customer can choose to have their trailer equipped with SAF of BPW axles and with drum brakes or disc brakes.

For the LONGRUNNER Nooteboom has developed a completely new TUV-certified head board. There are 9 versions available in different heights, completely closed or with an open frame at the top. These headboards meet the highest standard in the market (NEN-EN 12642 code XL) and are strong enough to stop at least 50% of the load capacity, up to a maximum of 25 tonnes against the head board. Safety first!

Nooteboom trailers are internationally renowned for their easy and intuitive operation. This definitely applies to the LONGRUNNER too, which is equipped as standard with electronic air suspension and a manual control. A Wabco lift axle control or Wabco smartboard are available as option. With the smartboard various functions can be controlled, such as raise/lower, axle loads readings, setting 2nd ride height, odometer and operating a lift axle.

The LONGRUNNER is equipped with LED side-marker lights in the side rave as standard and they can be fitted on the extensions as option. The rear side-marker lights operate synchronously with the flashing of the direction indicators and contribute to increased road safety. Here Nooteboom is anticipating future regulations regarding side-marker lights.

In short (40 words), please summaries your entry
The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is the latest generation of lightweight extendible flatbed Nooteboom trailers with a net maximum payload of 42.5 ton at 80km/h. It is developed for special transport within Europe, to give maximum efficiency, flexibility and safety.


Nooteboom Teletrailer Longrunner - all axles power steered - DSCF1356
Nooteboom Teletrailer Longrunner - operation with Smartbox - DSCF1309
Nooteboom Teletrailer Longrunner - Storage box - DSCF1380
Nooteboom Teletrailer Longrunner TUV Headboard - DSCF1453