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The Heavies 2020: Significant Safety






With the increasing spot light on ‘Heavy Lift’ providers Allelys have been seen trialling different software systems to track and control all of our heavy lifting plant and equipment.

Allelys have chosen and implemented the Core R.F.I.D Tagging System. Each item of plant or lifting accessory, be it a Mobile Crane, Hiab (crane lorry), Fork Lift Truck, lifting Chain, Sling, Shackle, Swivel Eye, ect has an identification number and a scannable tag fitted.

The soft ware allows for the items original test certificate and 6 monthly or yearly inspection certificate to be recorded and logged against it. The system highlights the dates of when items can or can’t be used. All of Allelys equipment is now on a pic list, from which the Engineers or Project Manger can select the desired equipment to go on a particular job. If any item of plant or lifting accessory is out of test, the system prevents the item from being allocated until it is cleared for use.

So, we can track the equipment, our yard loading staff have a hand held scanner to scan each item as it is loaded on to our transport. Subsequently when the item returns to Allelys Yard it is scanned back in to the system, making it available for another job. If the requirement arises which it does, we can track from one site to another as each Site Foreman can have a scanner to send and receive each item. This data is fed back to the office on a live link so we always have visibility of it’s location and availability for users.

Allelys have already seen the benefit of using the Core R.F.I.D Tagging System, resulting in a more efficient and safe working environment.

It was quite a time-consuming task to tag all of our equipment and then load in the certificates on to the software, but now it is proving to be an extremely useful and a powerful tool. Any of our employees can access this information from anywhere in the country, which has resulted in increased productivity and awareness.

Safety is always paramount for any company and Core R.F.I.D is helping us to take this to a higher level.

Core RFID1
Core RFID2



Hutchinson Engineering Services Ltd. are based in Weston, near Newark, Nottinghamshire and provide a number services including haulage of plant, machinery and specialist equipment up to 100T; HGV and specialist trailer repairs & servicing; crane & plant hire; as well as welding & fabrication services. As a haulier we currently operate just over thirty vehicles, but do so to a high standard, which has been recognised by FORS gold membership for seven years.

As responsible employers of HGV drivers, many of whom are working at the heavy end of the scale, we feel that ongoing training is critical to our safe operation, for the sake of our staff and other road users. It was during one of these sessions, a CPC training course, that Ryan Easom the Company’s Transport Manager decided to take what he had learnt out into the wider community. “I came away from the course and thought about what we could do as a haulage company.”

Recognising that taking the message to adults, many of whom are set in their ways, may not derive the best benefit, he considered his own young family. If he could educate young minds, they would influence the grown-ups in their lives and be the best advocates to spread the message, as children love to talk and share what they have learnt with enthusiasm.

The task then was to identify and educate young local children, who will have seen our trucks and could therefore apply the lessons, about road safety around HGV’s, to themselves. An initial approach to the primary and nursery school in Sutton on Trent, where one of our sites is based, was positive. This gave us our target audience and venue, however the content at this stage was envisaged to be a short talk and a playground demonstration of one of our vehicles.

Discussions with the Head Teacher and her staff was a vital part of the planning, as this was a totally new venture for Ryan and his team and well outside their comfort zone. It was during this stage that the project grew to a full day event with the Fire Brigade involved; the date was set for 11th July 2017.

The presentation team on the day were Ryan Easom (Transport Manager), Angela Cross (Operations Manager) and Jeff Lee (HGV Driver), who was supported by their colleagues in various ways, but the metallic star of the show for the kids, was Jeff’s Mercedes Titan. Ian Hutchinson, the Managing Director, not only gave the project his blessing, but provided considerable resources to enable the event to happen.

The day itself was a great success, despite the rain during some of the playground activities, with the children buzzing with what they had learnt. Some of this was immediately evident when two boys arrived at school the next day wearing cycle helmets, having not seen them as cool before. A few months later, when the staff had a stand at the Sutton on Trent show and a Titan was part of the display, may youngsters made a point of dragging their parents across and repeating what they had learnt, demonstrating the knowledge had been retained. As the nights began to draw in, the school were able to remind the pupils to “Stay safe be seen” on their Facebook page.

The impact of the project has gone beyond the one off event originally envisaged during that CPC course. Other transport operators, on hearing what we have done, have contacted us to use our model and experience to deliver their own safety campaign, in schools local to their own operations. We delivered ONE event in 2017, FOUR in 2018 and FIVE in 2019, with a big challenge in 2020 of our first senior school.


Achievement Expectation 2017
The initial objectives were very modest; simply to deliver a short one-off talk about road safety around HGVs to primary aged children in a local school and let them get close to a truck to underline the message. As will become clear later, this was simply the start point for a lot bigger project that is still delivering today and will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Challenge
Although employed as a Transport Manager, Ryan’s background is HGV driving, which is probably why he is a good Transport Manager. However, he had never spoken to an audience, so has no public speaking experience and he would not describe himself as academic. What he did have, and still does, is a passion for the job, a determination that does not consider failure an option and a good team of colleagues.

There was no pattern to follow, so all ideas had to come from the team; be worked on and developed or dropped. This was outside the comfort zone of all of those involved, but as a Company, Hutchinson Engineering Services Ltd. has a “can do” attitude and this was the start point.

One of the early discoveries, in developing the project, was that by meeting educational needs within the plan, the school could sanction more time and resources to it, but this simply added to the challenge.

Target Sustainability
In all fairness at the outset this was not even considered. The plan was for a short one-off talk about road safety around HGVs, which it was hoped the youngsters would take away and derive some benefit from. In short, an out and out one-off.

As the project began to develop this was something that began to be considered. The tag line “Stay safe be seen” was developed and Hi-vis satchels with Hi-vis vests, snap-around wrist bands, stationery and pompom message bugs were given to each child, resourced by the Company. A prize poster completion was run for each of the educational year groups, with the winning entries being carried on four of the Hutchinson Engineering Services’ big trucks.

What was not expected was that this was just the start of something a lot bigger …..

The Project

Plan of Action
The teaching of road safety to children had arisen from attending a CPC course and noticing the appalling lack of road sense, not only with the children but also the adults in charge of the children as they were taken to and from school. How do we educate those around us of the dangers out on the road? The answer was to educate as young as possible and make it real. What could be more real than physically taking a lorry into schools and getting the children up close and personal?

No one expected that after three years the team would have been delivering the road safety message ten times, with other hauliers inspired to run their own events too, in their areas.

Other local hauliers have supported the project with staff time and providing vehicles and some of our customers have contributed to the project by sponsoring the hi-vis goodies.

Oh, and did we mention the Police were on-board and brought their quad bike too!

Consideration & Action

The hook – The children arrive at school to find their playground is hosting HGV’s. Initially, in 2017, this was a large, bright red, Mercedes Titan and a Fire Engine, they couldn’t wait to get up close and personal with the lorries, which were both used to highlight the blind spots and as targets for water balloons.

The education – We start the day by holding a full school assembly, discussing sizes of trucks comparing them to children and animals, looking at the journeys some of their toys and electronic devices would have taken to reach them, not just arriving at the shops but in the UK from all around the world. The aim was to set the minds of the children thinking about all aspects of road haulage.

The safety – Nottinghamshire Fire Service showed children the equipment they use at a road traffic collision, which had a very striking effect on the older children. We demonstrated the use of hi-visibility clothing, how wearing cycle helmets was potentially lifesaving.

• Every child and teacher was given the opportunity throughout the day to climb up into the lorry cab and look at blind spots. They were astounded when they couldn’t see their friends when they were situated in these areas around the lorry.

• The water balloons were a fun way to demonstrate the impact of soft squishy bodies when in contact with large, hard trucks.

By 2018 demand was such that more of our fleet were needed to be the playground superstars, a serious financial consideration from the Company as the cost of the driver’s pay was not being mitigated by the earnings from the vehicle.

A safety poster competition saw the winners applied to the side panels on 8 new Volvo vehicles that joined the fleet.

In 2019 the demand for the project increased and indeed, ran as a two-day every in a school at Tuxford. This included support from two other local hauliers, the fire service, polices and the RNLI, who talked about water safety, but the students still had their fun with the water balloons.

Heavy Torque joined us for the day in 2019 at Tuxford School and wrote an article. See additional information.

The reminder – The “Stay Safe Be Seen” tag is re-enforced with goodies to take away, including hi-vis bags with a selection of items inside, some sponsored by customers and suppliers of Hutchinson Engineering Services Limited. Things like; hi-vis vests, snap-around or light up wrist bands, stationery and pompom message bugs, key ring lights, bookmarks and drink bottles.

The Next Step

Plans for 2020 are already in place, with new challenges. The message is being spread further from our base, in a City location and, for the first time in a Senior school.

All of which has caused us to have our thinking caps on, because:

• While there is a link with big trucks, they may not have seen our vehicles, so the link is not automatically established
• Traffic is busier and more complex in a built-up city, than a more open town or village
• Young people need to be challenged and stimulated in a different way to children

One of the exercises developed for the senior school, relates to stopping distances, so thinking time, stopping time, loaded or not and weather implications.


As a result of our initial brush with a school road safety campaign, we realised there is still more to do. Ryan has been quoted as saying “It is the best thing I have done since stepping into the job!”, that was in 2017, and he is still doing it in 2020.

The project rolls on with support from Ian Hutchinson, as MD of Hutchinson Engineering Services Ltd, as well as those hauliers and others in our contact book who have come on board with time, trucks, staff or sponsorship. With more to do and a will to get it done, we will see more children educating their
grownups, for the next year at least and most likely beyond that.

The media’s response and that of fellow hauliers has been tremendous and is desperately needed, because during the planning of these events, it became very clear how little resources are available for road safety. So, we have actively encouraged the ripple effect to spread the message of the need to others in our industry and if through that process more hauliers join the effort, even more can be achieved.

We will never know what the impact will be – a child or young person who applies what they have learnt and therefore is not injured, or worse, is never going to acknowledge that, but we know the Stay Safe Be Seen message and Team Hutchinson are making a difference.

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