The Goldhofer Group succeeded in defending its position as the number one in its field and was again awarded the title of “World Market Leader Champion” in the category Heavy-Duty and Special Transport Vehicles. The World Market Leader Index, which is drawn up by experts of the University of St. Gallen and the Academy of German Global Market Leaders, is particularly prestigious because of the stringent standards applied to the awards. “We are stricter than other lists with regard to the criteria,” says project manager Professor Christoph Müller of the HBM School of Entrepreneurs at the University of St. Gallen. “Of the approximately 1,500 ‘hidden champions’ in the German-speaking countries, which are mentioned so frequently in the literature, only 516 companies found their way onto our list. In our view they are the only ones who really deserve the title ‘World Market Leader Champion’ or ‘World Market Leader Future Champion’”, says Müller.

The World Market Leader Index lists the title-winners by industry. The selection process is performed with the help of a dedicated database created using objective parameters. Christoph Müller explains the details: “The formal requirements to be met by ‘World Market Leader Champions’ are demanding and completely transparent. Companies must have a presence on at least three out of six continents and must be the global number one or two in terms of annual sales, which must amount to a minimum of 50 million euros per year, with foreign markets accounting for at least half.”

Rainer Auerbacher, Director of International Sales for the Goldhofer Group, was delighted with the repeat of the award: “With the creation of Airport Technology as a new business unit and the foundation of Goldhofer Inc. in the USA, we set the stage last year for continued growth throughout the organisation. I am proud of the fact that we have again come out top after such an eventful year. On behalf of all the members of senior management, I should above all like to express my thanks to our employees, whose above-average commitment is decisive for the excellent quality of our transport systems.”

The fact that employee satisfaction is one of the keys to the ongoing success story at the old-established Memmingen company is reflected in a second recent award: For a study on the subject of satisfaction with employers conducted by FOCUS Magazine and the rating portal Kununu, the Statista market research institute evaluated more than 127,000 employee responses to an online questionnaire, a poll of Xing members and the latest Kununu data. In the category Best Employers by Industry, Goldhofer was listed among Germany’s top one thousand employers.