With more than 800 employees, the Orllati Group is one of the major construction companies in French-speaking Switzerland, especially in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. The company is therefore active in a sector where Faymonville is recognised as the leading specialist in the delivery of adapted transport solutions.

The Orllati Group has thus integrated a 4-axle MultiMAX semi-trailer with hydraulic widening, a pair of wheel recesses between the 1st and 2nd axles and hydraulic ramps into its vehicle fleet. “Thanks to these ramps, we no longer have to unhitch the semi-trailer to load it. It’s multi-functional and can transport a variety of machines such as wheeled loaders, articulated dumpers or crawler excavators,” says Gjevgjet Orllati, Director Orllati Logistics.

In the folded state, the double ramp protrudes less than 300 mm! Because of this, according to European Regulation 1230/2012, it does not form part of the total length of the unit. It extends the loading platform without exceeding the legal limit of 16,500 mm set by the EU.

“This MultiMAX semi-trailer with hydraulic widening is ideal for the construction industry,” explains Gjevgjet Orllati a particularly popular option. Optimum safety, simple operation, maximum comfort and a considerable time saving when loading and unloading – these are the convincing benefits that highlight the hydraulic widening system.

The platform can be enlarged hydraulically from 2,540 mm to 3,200 mm. The driver extends the platform simply by pressing a button on his remote control. In continuous operation, the procedure allows the platform to be adapted accurately to the width of the machine to be loaded. It is the minimal handling especially that appeals to users: simplicity, speed and safe operations. A trough is the rear chamfer as well as the loading platform help accommodate the arm of an excavator. The loading platform is 8,600 mm long and can be extended by 2,900 mm.

“Faymonville vehicles are of impressive quality and the service offered is efficient and customer-orientated. These are beautiful trailers,” says Gjevgjet Orllati. Full metallisation provides the best anti-corrosion protection available on the market and allows the trailer to perform its various tasks for as long as possible.

At Faymonville, the Orllati Group has found the ideal tool to complete its fleet of state-of-the-art machines. The MultiMAX meets these requirements perfectly and allows to respond optimally to the requirements of its customers.