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HeavyTorque Issue Six: Manufacturer & Operator Teamwork



For 30 years, Rinus van Wijgerden has been a loyal customer of Nooteboom Trailers. Always at the forefront of his business, he invests in innovative transport solutions. It’s the case with the EURO-PX low-loader, the MULTI-PX semi low-loader – and now the Manoovr semi low-loader. A few months ago the first 6-axle Manoovr was delivered; the next one, with 4 axles, will soon follow. Rinus van Wijgerden says: “The Manoovr is the only semi low-loader that effectively gives us a 12-tonne axle load in the Netherlands. Along with these two Manoovr semi low-loaders, we’ve ordered a 2-axle Pendel-X, which we gave our first Nooteboom, 30 years old, in part exchange.

“The trade-in price?” Rinus smiles. “I am extremely happy with it.

“When I bought the first 6-axle Manoovr – unseen – Dick Nooteboom said ‘Mark my words, as soon as you see it, you will order another one.’ And he was right. For us the Manoovr is a godsend. Yesterday we loaded a stone crusher in Antwerp for Lleida in Spain. This machine is 3.60 metres tall and weighs 60 tonnes. With the 78cm low floor of the Manoovr we stay below 4.50 metres. This is definitely the maximum height allowed for longer trips through Europe. The generous suspension travel of the Manoovr is a huge advantage when driving through Belgium and France. Without pendle-axles the first level crossing would already cause problems. With this stone crusher we can lower the entire trailer another twelve centimetres for passing under viaducts.

“Before 1986, I drove containers for a few years. An uncle advised me to buy a twin-axle tractor with a Nooteboom semi-trailer. After 30 years of reliable service, we offered this semi-trailer in part exchange for a new Pendel-X. When I made that purchase in 1986, I also met Dick Nooteboom for the first time. Over the years we developed a most enjoyable relationship.

“As for other makes? Of course I have looked – and requested quotes too – but for 30 years we have driven only Nooteboom semi-trailers. For one reason only. We come at it from the day-to-day realities – and Nooteboom listens to our experiences. We much prefer driving to having repairs done. Down-time costs you twice. You have to pay the invoice: and you are at a standstill. Nooteboom is the most economical option for us. No other make can match the low maintenance costs and high residual value of Nooteboom. We don’t just look at the purchase price; we also factor in what the semi-trailer is going to cost us when in service.

“With our new Nooteboom trailers we stay ahead of the crisis and competition. Look at it this way. It may well be that the next few years are not going to be easy for the heavy transport industry. We have the most up-to-date vehicles with the lowest maintenance costs and tyre costs. And what’s more, with 12 tonnes per axle, we have the highest load capacity. With Nooteboom we have always managed to stay one step ahead of our competitors. And with the Manoovr we just increased our lead.”