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Welcome to the latest Issue (23) of HeavyTorque (July 2020).

This issue is to a large extent, focussed upon the past – though we make no apology about looking back from time to time. Sadly, as the years go by, we lose an increasing number of the older generation. Earlier this year John Wynn’s name was added to this role of honour, a key member of the South Wales family that contributed massively to the heavy transport industry. John played a huge part in the later stages of the company’s history. Even two decades after his retirement from frontline activity he was held in very high regard within the industry. For this reason, we have a number of features in this issue celebrating both John’s and his family company’s contribution to the heavy transport business.

Another family business that put its unique stamp upon the transport industry over some four generations, is Chris Miller of Preston. The company carried out all manner of transport tasks, often utilising the most unlikely equipment. As with Wynns, many of the early techniques and solutions to the job of loading and moving heavy loads, originated moving round timber from local forests, where necessity is the true mother of invention. We look back at Miller’s long history, the diverse equipment it used and a long list of its achievements that have stood the test of time.