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Goldhofer MPA 6: two new additions to the Allelys fleet


Goldhofer MPA 6: two new additions to the Allelys fleet

Since it was founded by Maurice Allely in 1959, the Allelys Group has gradually grown to become one of the market leaders in the field of multimodal logistics in the United Kingdom and beyond. For the company’s heavy haulage and specialist transportation projects, the Allelys fleet has included various Goldhofer modular systems and semi low loaders for over twenty years. And now the company has invested in two new Goldhofer MPA 6 semitrailers.

Managing Director David Allely, who is running the family business in the second generation, is particularly impressed by the versatility of the additions to his company’s fleet.

“We chose the two MPA 6s for our new rail carriers for railway construction projects as their low running height, stability and large steering angle make them ideal for transporting rolling stock for rail construction projects. And thanks to their low deadweight and high load carrying capacity in combination with attractive operating costs, we can also make good use of the two semis as ballast carriers.”

For moving crane ballast within the confined space of a construction site especially, Allelys also benefit from the MPA 6’s outstanding manoeuvrability: Even on rough terrain, the load can easily be delivered right to the crane.

The low maintenance requirement relative to the long service life of the modules is one of the benefits of Goldhofer’s revolutionary MPA axle technology, which has set new standards for the industry since the market launch in 2013. The heart of the MPA affair is an independent suspension with just one wheel carrier, one strut and one suspension arm, which combine to form an extremely low-wear system. That makes these heavy-duty semi trailers ideal for working at maximum axle load to transport a wide range of heavy cargos and to withstand extremely frequent differences in load for many years. The two MPA 6s were delivered with 30 t rigid goosenecks developed specially for the UK market. They were designed and engineered to Allelys’ specifications for fifth-wheel load and height and swing radius at the Goldhofer plant in Memmingen.

For David Allely, the decision to expand the company’s heavy haul fleet with the addition of two MPA 6 semi trailers is a forward-looking measure involving a meaningful increase in total transport capacity: “We have been using a 4-axle MPA double extending semi trailer for the past two years and found it to be a very useful addition to our fleet. We have operated a large THP fleet for the past twenty years and found equipment from our partner Goldhofer to be innovative and reliable, with technologies we put our full trust in. We are convinced that our new MPA 6s are a sound investment in a good future.”

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