Sarens Installs Sydney Gateway Bridge In Australia


Sarens Installs Sydney Gateway Bridge In Australia

Sarens has executed some of the most challenging bridge installations in Australia and become the most trusted partner for bridge construction or revamping across the region.

Sarens hauled 3 pairs of girders, each pair weighing around 700T inclusive of girders extensions, shimming and SPMTs.

Hugo Saua, Project Manager says, “One of the greatest challenges faced, was to come up with a solution that causes minimum stress impact to the structure during transport and manipulation.” He adds, “Another challenge was to precisely move the bridge sections over a public bridge while keeping the ground pressure under the allowable parameters of the public spaces.”

After thorough planning, the team decided to use Kamag SPMT K2400ST, CS250 in-house designed jacking tower system, and SBL1100 gantry system. This technical solution addressed both challenges, for efficient transport and installation. Sarens equipment was mobilised from their yard in Brisbane, Queensland and assembled on site within fourteen days.

Due to some technical challenges caused by delays during the client’s assembly activities, and in order to mitigate further delays, Sarens together with the JV (John Holland Seymour Whyte Joint Venture), proceed to install one of the main milestone structures before the expected sequence. This required for Sarens and the client to develop a flexible solution and compensate this new deviation allowing for the bridge sections impacted by the demurrage to be installed in a different order. As a result, this new agile solution allowed the client to mitigate the delays produced during the assembly activities.

Operations were divided into three stages. In the first stage, bridge sections were picked up by SPMTs and placed on the deployment position. Secondly, the bridge sections were transported from deployment to installation position. This operation was carried out during a narrow four-hour window. Lastly, the bridge sections were lowered by deploying a combination of SPMTs and jacking towers and then installed.

“Professionalism, availability, devotion, and hard work. These are the words I would use to summarise the service offered by Sarens”, said Guillaume Decoux, Project Manager, JHSW JV. Hugo Saua adds, “Sydney Gateway has been a great project, and we are proud to have completed it safely with zero lost time. Sarens once again proved that we are always committed to provide flexible solutions, adjusted to client requirements, schedule and needs.”