For the first time in over 10 years, a DOLL 3 axle Bogie trailer has entered the UK market, destined to be the latest addition to the specialist trailer fleet of Collett.

Produced in Germany by specialist trailer manufacturer DOLL Fahrzeugbau AG, this new acquisition, a 3 axle hydraulic steering Bogie, features a 55° steering angle and a combination carrying capacity of over 60 Tonne.

As technology continues to develop the benefits of Bogie trailers seem to have been overlooked in recent years, with the last one to enter the English market arriving over ten years ago. Collett’s latest investment showcases their dedication to innovation, providing an ideal solution for the transportation of long and heavy loads. Since the 1980’s Collett have operated Bogie trailers for the delivery of concrete bridge beams and the like, but following the advent and access to more modern steering trailer technology, the ‘old bogies’ became largely redundant from the heavy haulage scene.

However, more recently, Collett has felt the need for steering bogie equipment once again which has prompted them to invest in this modern day breed of an old fashioned concept. The added capacity which this new trailer brings to the fleet provides Collett with a hydraulic self-steering solution ideal for long cargoes such as steel bridge beams.Doll Bogie 2fw

Collett already maintain and operate a diverse fleet which could easily facilitate these heavy and long loads, however, utilising a Bogie trailer in these situations offers several benefits including increased ground clearance, extra stability and excellent manoeuvrability. As the first DOLL Bogie to enter the Collett fleet, the addition of the trailer offers a flexible solution for heavier loads. Adaptable to a 60T capacity with the addition of a 4 axle tractor, the DOLL also features remote control steering and automatic steering controls, providing a sturdy, stable and easy to handle solution for transporting steel and concrete beams, bridge sections and wind turbine components.

Already earning its keep, the new DOLL Bogie has been put to work, providing the perfect solution for transporting fourteen 40m steel beams from their point of manufacture in North Yorkshire. A two leg journey, each 50T beam travelled from their point of manufacture in Northallerton on to Middlesbrough for coating before finally setting off to their delivery point in Chester.Collett Transport add DOLL Bogie to their Fleet

Calling into action the new DOLL Bogie and its existing counterparts a total of fourteen beams were delivered on a rolling basis from factory, to finishing, to final destination.

The addition of this new DOLL Bogie into the Collett fleet will allow for a more flexible approach when faced with transporting longer cargoes, providing an adaptability which other trailers may not possess.