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70t of 1300°C payload safely handled with KAMAG

KAMAG Take on 70T

70t of 1300°C payload safely handled with KAMAG

Slag pot carriers from KAMAG Transporttechnik – part of the TII Group – are an indispensable part of the modern logistical processes in the metalworking industry. Another vehicle has recently proven its worth and excellent reliability during copper smelting operations for the Jinchuan Group Ltd at its plant in the Chinese province of Gansu. A low total height, short setting down and pick up times and unrivalled manoeuvrability during use are practical benefits as the copper smelting process produces huge amounts of slag. For this reason, there are a particularly large number of slag pots in use in Gansu and whose process cycles must be strictly maintained with precise timing. In the tough working environment of dust, sparks and extreme temperatures, the KAMAG slag pot carrier demonstrates its strengths to the full.

In the price-driven raw materials business, optimised use of resources makes the difference between making a profit or loss. Customised heavy transport logistic solutions from the TII Group provide the key to this. The U-frame construction of the KAMAG slag pot carrier considerably shortens the pick up and setting down times while the low loading height allows selection of the shortest routes which also includes driving under pipeline bridges and hall doors. The pick up procedure is kept as simple as possible whereby the rear end of the vehicle is driven around the slag pot itself which is then raised to the required transport position. The extremely manoeuvrable vehicles ensure a smooth transportation process as well as providing a high level of efficiency and reliability during round-the-clock operations through their robust design and long service intervals. The vehicle is also uncompromising on the issue of safety – all-round cameras, warning devices along with the dust and gas-tight air-conditioned cab protect both drivers and workers on the plant premises.

A willingness to think outside the proverbial box and the ability to provide the perfectly tailored transport solution is the strength of the TII Group which, as world market leader for the production of vehicles with hydraulically-supported pendulum axles, guarantees economic transportation of heavy loads in a wide range of industries. For the metallurgical industry, the company provides vehicles for use along the entire value chain. The spectrum ranges from ladle transporters for molten steel and slag pot carriers for payloads up to 150t in U-frame and platform designs, slab transporters, industrial elevating transporters, scrap basket transporter, set-down skip loaders, compact coil transporters complete with cover hoods that provide protection against wind and weather hoods through to heavy load trailers with electronic steering and automatic guide assistance for the driving under pallets.


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