Keys in hand, HeavyTorque puts the stunning Volvo FH16-750 8×4 heavy hauler through its paces. See the full report within Issue Three, July 2015.

In the meantime, please see below a snapshot of the vehicle and additional tech spec:

The FH16 750 tridem is currently plated at 125 tonnes GCW.

Driveline with I-Shift overdrive gearbox and hub reduction tandem axles.

  • Engine: D16G750 – Power 750hp – peak torque 3550Nm from 950-1400rpm
  • Gearbox: ATO3512E Overdrive 12 speed I shift
  • Rear Axles: RTH2610F tandem drive hub reduction – rear axle ratio 4.55:1
  • Tyres rear: 315/80R22.5

Axle capacities – The pusher and the drive axles are a combined bogie with a capacity of 35tonnes.

  • Front: 10 tonne
  • Pusher: 9 tonne
  • Drive Axles: 26 tonne
  • Combined GVW: 45 tonne
  • Imposed load: 30 tonne (approx.)

NB: the vehicle meets STGO Special Types General Order Category 3 – as plated.

(Category 3 covers trucks operating from 80 to 150tonne GCW at restricted speed for example 40mph on motorways, 35mph on ‘A’ roads and 30mph on all other roads)