A new Volvo FH-420 6×2 rigid equipped with Dynamic Steering is improving access to construction sites for Lancashire-based Adlington Welding Supplies Ltd.

First established in 1972, at what is now its headquarters in Chorley, Lancashire, Adlington Welding Supplies Ltd. has six depots spread as far afield as Falkirk and Luton. With a large and varied fleet ranging from small vans up to full HGVs, the company takes great pride in being able to deliver the equipment it hires out, everything from the welders themselves through to compressors and generators, in a reliable and timely manner and choosing the right vehicles is vital, so this time director, Nigel Turner opted for his first new Volvo truck.

“This is actually the second Volvo I’ve owned as I bought a used truck earlier this year,” reports Nigel adding, “I was impressed by the vehicle itself and the quality of the build, so that definitely swung my decision Volvo’s way when it came to buying new.”

Because the latest addition is intended as a drawbar unit and will have a lorry-mounted crane added, it will stay with the fleet for many years, so Nigel carefully specified each part of his choice.

Supplied by Neil Crook, Customer Solutions Manager at Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd., the FH-420 6×2 Globetrotter rigid features Volvo’s D13K engine and I-Shift automated gearbox together with an uprated 10-tonne front axle, Dynamic Steering and a steered tag axle at the rear.

“We do a lot of work on construction sites where access can be very tight,” Nigel explains, “so the lifting, steering axle along with Dynamic Steering will make the job a lot easier.”

Initial reports on the new Volvo are positive. “The driver was a bit apprehensive to start with because he’s never had an automated manual transmission system on site work, but Volvo’s driver trainer came and spent a couple of hours with him and he now loves it to bits!” This has given Nigel one small problem. “I haven’t actually driven the vehicle yet,” he confesses. “The lad likes it so much he won’t let me out in it!”

Adlington Welding Supplies Ltd is FORS Silver accredited, so it’s vital that office staff can manage vehicle performance statistics. “As well as the fuel economy, the technology in the truck impressed me,” says Nigel. “We need to keep a record of CO2 emissions and data such as engine idling times and we can get all that from the Dynafleet system.”

“I love the FH’s styling too,” he continues. “Our drivers spend two or three nights away every week and we want them to be comfortable. We don’t have a high turnover of staff, the new FH’s driver has been with us for 16 years and so we want them to be happy. All in all I’m so impressed, I’m now buying a Volvo for our Luton depot as well.”