ALE Trojan Truck

Leading heavylift and specialised transport provider, has unveiled the latest addition to its transport fleet, the highly anticipated ALE Trojan Truck.

ALE Heavy Lift Trojan Truck

Heralded as the first in the next generation of vehicles in the heavylift industry, the Trojan truck signals a major breakthrough in capability, fuel efficiency and reliability.

Trojan from ALE

Designed by ALE engineers and produced in the UK, the Trojan’s unique feature is its ability to link up multiple tractor units in a command and drone convoy. The command vehicle controls not only itself but all tractors in the convoy linked mechanically, by air, and by the Electronic Can Bus System.

ALE Latest Fleet Addition

The steering, vehicle braking, electrics, engine and transmissions on all tractor units are synchronised by computer which ensures each vehicle is in a matched gear, matched RPM and matched torque. Vehicle braking, engine compression braking and transmission retardation can be controlled identically and there is no limit to the number of vehicles that can be added to the convoy.

ALE Heavy Lift Trojan Fleet Addition

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