In the Venezuelan Orinoco Oil Belt, the expansion of La Cruz refinery – owned by Petroleos de Venezuela SA – is steadily progressing. As part of the Deep Conversion Project, the operating company has been continually expanding the oil production in the state of Anzoátegui, 300 kilometers east of Caracas, since 2014. Support has been provided by Scheuerle (TII Group) customer, ALE, who recently added another 118-tonne module to supplement current refinery construction activities using the Scheuerle SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter).

For transporting the 32-metre long, 11-metre wide and 8.5-metre high module, ALE relied on a total of 40 axle lines of the proven, self-propelled modular transporter. Through the use of a so-called 4-file combination, whereby two vehicles are arranged side-by-side, this resulted in the creation of the required width to accommodate the module. ALE easily met length requirements by using two so-called “spacers”. These are intermediate sections which are designed to be integrated in longitudinal combinations.

“The construction of petrochemical plants follows a precise and demanding schedule. Any deviation costs money which is why more and more transport companies or plant operators are deciding in favour of our transport solutions. Worldwide, we provide the largest fleet of vehicles and our modular transporters are well-known for their high level of reliability. If any additional modules or accessories are quickly required, they can be immediately rented on all continents. A smooth process is therefore always guaranteed”, according to Rainer Sasse, Area Manager Sales at TII Sales.

Parallel to the globally available and reliable existing fleets of vehicles, the TII Group also provides quality consulting and service options. As the joint sales and marketing company of Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag, TII Sales advises customers on-site and develops individual solutions. The service departments of the respective companies ensure problem-free operations and provide maintenance as well as vehicle overhauls around the world.