An impressive transportation milestone was set by the Turkish heavy haulage specialist Botros-Yigit-Nata (BYN) using innovative equipment supplied by Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft. To move a 247 t refinery boiler with a length of almost 62 m (and a diameter of 3.5 m) from the port in Iskenderun to a refinery in the oil-rich city of Erbil (Iraq), BYN employed a combination of two Goldhofer ten-axle THP/SL heavy-duty modules.

The refinery boiler was first shipped from Jebel Ali (United Emirates) to the Turkish port of Iskenderun. From there, BYN’s specialists took the huge load by road over a distance of 1,150 km to its final destination in Erbil. That was the first time a load of this size had ever been transported to Iraq via Turkey in a single operation. The journey from Iskenderun to Erbil lasted a total of twenty days.

“Everything went smoothly. We spent six months planning the project and performing a detailed inspection of the roads down to the very last bend. Once we had the permits for the journey, it was simply a question of the reliability of our Goldhofer modules. And they did not let us down once,” says BYN general manager Aydin Fatah.

At a gross combination length of almost 70 meters, the Goldhofer axle lines showed what they are capable of. With a suspension stroke of ± 300 mm and a very high bending moment, they are the ideal solution for transporting long loads in off-road conditions. With a load height of 5.25 meters, the boiler transportation operation was a real eye-catcher on the journey across Turkey.

“It’s gratifying to see customers place their trust in our technology for the really challenging missions and break new ground in the process. We provide the ideal basis for handling landmark projects,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft.

BYN Heavy Transport Specialists