Cadzow Heavy Haulage

Specialist abnormal load hauliers Cadzow Heavy Haulage Ltd has recently taken delivery of a new flagship – a mammoth Mercedes-Benz Arocs SLT 4163 which is plated for Special Types operation at 155 tonnes GVW.

Built by Mercedes-Benz at Wörth plant, the world’s largest truck production facility, as a specially prepared long wheelbase 6×4, the Arocs is powered by a 460 kW (625 hp) 15.6 litre Euro VI engine, which is capable of delivering 3000 Nm of torque from 1100 rpm. It was then transported to Mercedes–Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) at Molsheim, North Eastern France, where it was completed to 8×4 specification and the exacting needs of the customer.

As well as adding the extra steering axle, a heavy duty sliding fifth wheel and other ancillary equipment required for heavy haulage operation, Mercedes-Benz CTT mounted the batteries, exhaust stack and fuel pre-filters in the tower which is located on top of the chassis behind the cab. This tower also provides space for the 900-litre fuel tank, as well as the high capacity air and hydraulic oil tanks. An additional rear facing lighting system was also added.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs for Cadzow

“Mercedes-Benz makes a good heavy haulage truck, which easily explains why most of the operators in this business choose them and why we have a further two more currently in build, another 155 and a heavier 250-tonner,” said Cadzow Managing Director, Jim Macauley. “The chassis is well built and very strong, one important feature is the gearbox to propshaft mounting which runs in a straight line to the first axle. This prolongs the life of the shaft and prevents any universal joint problems”

Cadzow’s Arocs features a BigSpace 2500mm wide sleeper cab which boasts numerous optional extras, including climate control, leather massaging seats for both the driver and co-driver, comfort one piece mattresses, tinted windows, electric sunroof, refrigerator and Bluetooth connectivity.

“These trucks are built to meet the demands of heavy haulage and over the years we’ve tried all major brands. Admittedly we’ve had some problems along the way with computers, propshafts and gearboxes, but this Arocs is one of the best heavy haulage trucks I have ever seen.”

Cadzow Heavy Haulage Ltd offer specialist transport services across Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and can provide a range of options for movements of up to 600 tonnes.