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Collett & Sons Girder Bridge Cellarhead Transformer Project

Collett Deliver Cellarhead Substation Transformer

Collett & Sons Girder Bridge Cellarhead Transformer Project



Following the delivery of a super grid transformer to Cellarhead Substation, Stoke-on-Trent, Collett’s Projects and Heavy Lift Team journeyed south to transport a 169-tonne super grid transformer from Portsmouth International Port to Lovedean Substation, Waterlooville, north of the city. The project was completed over a three-week period in August 2018.

Collett undertook the pre-planning works, the unloading of the transformer from the vessel at the Port through to its final delivery to the substation. As with Cellarhead, it included on-site offloading and installation using hydraulic jacking and skidding equipment.

Swept path analysis reports of the route identified pinch-points where modification would be needed to allow the 66m-long, 5.3m-wide loaded girder bridge to complete the journey. This was particularly evident at the beginning of the route throughout the residential areas of Twyford Avenue and Northern Parade. Collett liaised with local councils and constabularies to implement parking restrictions to allow the free movement of the girder-bridge convoy.

Once discharged from the vessel and loaded onto the Scheuerle girder bridge, the 169-tonne transformer began its 12-mile journey to the substation. Across Portsmouth, Cosham, Havant, Purbrook, Waterlooville and Horndean, the convoy travelled under police escort. As with the previous Cellarhead project, two ‘end-change’ operations had to be completed along the route effectively flipping the combination 180º to allow for onward transport, arriving safely at the Lovedean National Grid Substation early in the afternoon.

On arrival, on-site restrictions did not allow the direct movement of the transformer to its plinth. Collett used a multi-directional system to skid the transformer over the bund wall onto a steel platform. Once situated on the platform the hydraulic skidding system was then turned through a 90º angle to complete the positioning.

Once the transformer was positioned, Collett transported the 10 40ft containers of ancillaries required for the project, each of which arrived at Southampton.

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