Compact and very heavy: those are the special properties of transformers for energy generation. One such specimen that Groupe Cayon transported to the transformer substation in Gennevilliers for the French electricity generator Groupe EDF (Électricité de France) was 6.4m in length and weighed 85t.

The load made the first part of the journey by water on the Seine. The last part from the docks in Gennevilliers took place on land. The short route featured several hurdles and the final stage took three days. The freight thereby alternated between low bed semi-trailer and self-propelled vehicle.

The self-propelled vehicle was easy to position
“As a 6-axle version with power pack, the Cometto MSPE picked up the transformer on arrival at the quay. Thanks to the overall length of just 11.45m, we had no problem getting to the ship’s mooring position”, explains Matthieu Lapczynski, project leader for special transport at Groupe Cayon. “The self-propelled vehicle also left behind various obstacles it on the first section of the route.”

Due the passage of two low bridges, the freight then had to be reloaded onto a 4+6 low bed semi-trailer. Afterwards, the transformer was loaded back onto the Cometto MSPE to cover the final metres. “There wasn’t much room at the destination. But with the self-propelled vehicle we were able to position ourselves well to subsequently install the transformer”, says Matthieu Lapczynski, describing the final transport phase.

MSPE with a total payload of 850 t
Group Cayon put a total of two 48-tonne 6-axle Cometto MSPE 6/4 modules and two 48-tonne 4-axle MSPE 4/2 modules into operation last year. Two power packs with an output of 129kW each and side-by-side coupling accessories were also added in order to be able to carry out projects with very heavy and oversized loads.

The entire MSPE equipment from Cometto gives Groupe Cayon a payload of 850t!