de Meuron values the MegaMAX for boat and building 

Dynamics and flexibility are two of the important cornerstones in the corporate philosophy of Christian and Myriam de Meuron. Their eponymous transport company based in Gerzensee has undergone constant development since its establishment in 2001.

De Meuron Faymonville Additions


Today the company is considered to be one of the Swiss transport specialists in the transport of construction machines, bulky goods and boats up to 15 m in length. The company is committed to the highly qualified and smooth handling of orders through care and adherence to schedules.

Top materials are a basic prerequisite in this qualitative environment and it was here that Christian de Meuron found what he was looking for at the Belgian low loader manufacturer Faymonville. A new addition has been made to the vehicle fleet in the shape of a hydraulically steered MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer.

MegaMAX for De Meuron Fleet


The new vesseldeck low bed, which is equipped with pendle axles and a telescopic extension, is used by the Swiss company for the transport of construction machinery.

In addition, the removable loading floor makes it possible by means of a short conversion to transport yachts on the Swiss roads. This flexibility precisely fits de Meuron’s profile and the company is accordingly pleased to be ideally equipped for the transport of the future with the MegaMAX.