The trailers of the panther series are the pioneers when it comes to flexibility and high payloads. DOLL has now delivered the next colossus to company Velebit in Eastern Europe.

DOLL Trailer for Velebit

For many years the Croatian forwarding company has been customer of DOLL and swears by the proven panther technology. Most recently, their vehicle fleet has been complemented by an 8-axle semi low-loader, type S8E-S2 (2+6) with 2-axle dolly and a payload of 96.5 tonnes. Velebit chose this type of trailer to be able to transport small and heavy goods such as transformers as well as long and heavy concrete and brigde bearers or construction machinery.

This makes the 8-axle panther semi low-loader the ideal configuration to build a bridge between these two contrasting requirements and to transport especially high payloads. The payload can even be increased by another  10 % by mounting an additional 1-axle dolly behind the compensating gooseneck – DOLL is the only trailer manufacturer providing this feature. This fact makes the trailer also suitable for economic 3- or 4-axle trucks whereas 5-axle trucks may be fully omitted. Nevertheless, the 2+6 axle design still ensures an optimum load distribution between dolly and truck.

Velebit Introduce DOLL Trailer

As the hydraulic suspension of the 2-axle dolly is connected with the gooseneck, the fifth-wheel load can easily be changed hydraulically according the truck which is an enormous gain regarding flexibility. All in all, the telescopic length can individually be extended by another 30 m by mounting an extension girder with the help of a bolt-lashing-connection to be able to transport especially long cargo – features that make the panther trailer a synonym for highest quality, maximum safety, flexibility and profitability made by DOLL.

Further technical highlights are:

– Ramps at the rear to load e. g. construction machinery
– Total stroke of more than 400 mm for optimum axle compensation even in off-road usage
– Control of all relevant functions via CAN bus operating concept

DOLL is convinced that the 8-axle semi low-loader will exceed the expectations of its new owner and wishes Velebit a smooth drive.