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Enercon Acquire World’s Longest Flatbed Semitrailers from Goldhofer

Enercon Acquire World’s Longest Flatbed Semitrailers from Goldhofer

Enercon Acquire World’s Longest Flatbed Semitrailers from Goldhofer

Enercon, Germany’s leading manufacturer of wind power plants, has added six Goldhofer VENTUM flatbed semitrailers with pendular axles to its heavy-duty vehicle fleet. This innovative solution for transporting extremely long rotor blades has a unique 5-fold telescopic deck for a total extension length of 72 meters (including gooseneck). That means the North German wind power specialists can now make use of road transport for the fast and safe delivery of rotor blades in excess of 70 meters in length. In addition to the lift- and lowerable, loadable gooseneck, Enercon’s decision was also influenced by Goldhofer’s mature pendular axle technology and the option to add a rail-mounted BLADEX blade tip lift. “Transporting such long and large rotor blades reliably and delivering them just in time is an enormously challenging undertaking that Enercon can now handle on an intelligent and flexible basis. The new Goldhofer VENTUM flatbed semitrailers enable us to master all the challenges of long-distance journeys with these exceptional loads,” say Hans-Dieter Kettwig and Simon-Hermann Wobben, Managing Directors of Enercon GmbH.

As the first 5-fold extendible semi-trailer on the market, the VENTUM permits wind turbine manufacturers and heavy haulage companies to transport extra-long rotor blades well over 70 meters in length on roads, tracks and construction sites. In combination with Goldhofer’s mature pendular axle technology, the VENTUM is the key to fast and safe passage over bridges and round tight bends and roundabouts as well as easy manoeuvring on confined construction sites. The hydraulically lift- and lowerable gooseneck ensures that rotor blades with very large hub diameters can safely negotiate tunnels and underpasses. Pendular axles with a stroke of +/-300 mm give the vehicle full manoeuvrability and compensate uneven ground in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Loading height is 1,250 mm. Where required for the route to be taken, ground clearance can be increased over and above the suspension stoke. Two support legs facilitate extension and retraction of the telescopic tubes, which permit the deck behind the gooseneck to be extended from a basic length of 13.5 meters for empty running to over 68 meters. The steering is adjustable so that the vehicle can be driven in its basic length without a second man in the cab, while optimum-cornering performance is available with the deck extended.

“With a steering angle of up to 60 degrees and the user-friendly SmartControl remote control system, Goldhofer provides outstanding support for drivers in their task of safely transporting loads of this enormous size to their final destination,” says Rainer Auerbacher, Member of the Goldhofer Board and Head of Transport Technology.

The gigantic rotor blades are used above all for sites with low wind speeds and also, where there is sufficient hub height, for refurbishing and upgrading existing wind power plants.

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