Showcasing European innovation, Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville returns to Conexpo in Las Vegas with their trailer range made specifically for the North American market.

A 4 axle DualMAX dual-lane trailer will be shown on stand G.1326 (Gold Lot). This modular semi-trailer can be widened under load from 13’11” (4.24m) to 20´ (6.1m). Faymonville pioneered this unique and patented principle “lift & shift”. It allows to optimise the load distribution and to adapt to different states’ regulations. In contrast to other suppliers, the steering system doesn’t need to be disassembled for the widening process, everything stays in place.

The folded frame is less than 8’ wide and 8’ tall making return transports easily possible on conventional lowbed or flatbed trailers. The chassis of the DualMAX is fully metallised (zinc-plated), thus offering the best corrosion protection available on the market.

Besides this, Faymonville is also showing a 3-axle MegaMAX super low, double drop trailer at Conexpo. It is available with diverse deck types, such as the lowest stretch perimeter deck available in the market or a non-stretch flat deck. It is the ideal solution for extremely high and bulky goods, such as industrial parts, machinery or oversized containers.

The MegaMAX also features its king-pin steering—a unique feature in North America. With its unmatched manoeuvrability, the king-pin steering allows access into extremely tight areas. The MegaMAX is available with 3 axles on air suspension (total stroke of 9.4”). With a compressed length of 53’ total and a width of 100” without outriggers, it can be run empty without any escorts or permits.

Key advantages:

  • Hydraulic self-lifting detachable gooseneck for continuous height adjustment and easy access with machines
  • 108” gooseneck rear swing clearance
  • Super low perimeter stretch deck – 13.8” drive height (at 3.9”ground clearance)
  • Deck length 25’ closed – stretches to 42’4”
  • Detachable rear bogie to additionally increase the length using deck inserts (79”-118”-158”)
  • Also available with non-stretch flat deck – 10.8” drive height (at 3.9”ground clearance)
  • Automatically steering axles (king-pin steering), with override remote-control
  • 42° steering angle
  • PTO connection and Honda pony motor for hydraulic functions
  • Around 100,000lbs technical capacity

The electric and pneumatic components are DOT approved, following US standards.

A new 4-axle G-SL module is also exhibited at the Faymonville booth in Las Vegas. This modular trailer guarantees the highest bending moment on the market and also the highest point load above wheel arches (50,000kg/110,000lbs). A real power package!

The G-SL module allows 45,000 kg (99,225lbs) axle load per axle line and a steering angle from -60/+60°. A reinforced lamellar bolt coupling is used and a wheel set mounted on pivot bearing with adjustable conical roller bearings.

Since quality is a major focal point for Faymonville, the modular lines feature premium brand swivel axles, rims and tires. These G-SL modules are also available in a self-propelled version (APMC and SPMC). An additional option is split bogies, available for 3-file combinations.

An outstanding advantage of these Faymonville modular trailers is the 100% interoperability with existing trailers from other brands.