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Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville presents its “HighwayMAX”

Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville presents its “HighwayMAX”

New high performance HighwayMAX multi-axle trailer for North America

Faymonville Manufacturing specialises in custom trailers, equipped and built for the special requirements of the heavy haul industry.

Faymonville proudly announces a new trailer concept, the “HighwayMAX”, an extendible on-road heavy haul trailer with 9 hydraulically steered pendulum axles and a technical payload of 260,000 lbs. This new product was designed for special commodity transport on the roads and highways of North America.

Faymonville HighwayMAX

This double extendable highway multi-axle trailer was developed in order to meet the specific requirements of the trucking and hauling industry in the United States and Canada. It fully complies with national regulations in respect to axle group dimensions, allowing a maximum payload. The trailer can be easily retracted to attain a truck/trailer length not to exceed 90’, eliminating the need for escorts in most of the United States and Canada. The “HighwayMAX” has a low tare weight of approximately 62,500 lbs. with a loading platform that can be extended up to 89’ 2”.

Highway trailer for North America

The technical features of the “HighwayMAX” ensures maximum transport efficiency and contributes to transport safety. Additional benefits include:

  • Extremely high point loads of 40,000 lbs. over each axle bearing
  • Multi axle trailer is equipped with pendulum axles with a stroke of 23. 6” and a turning angle of -60 degrees/ +60 degrees
  • All axles allow for a very narrow turning radius for maximum manoeuvrability
  • The hydraulic and mechanical 5th wheel load adjustment allows for maximum operational flexibility, as well as hydraulic gooseneck compensation with the first axle group.

Industrial parts, crane systems, pipeline elements, offshore structures, bulky commodities, long materials and heavy loads can be transported with this new high performance trailer from the Belgian manufacturer. Characteristics of all Faymonville products are the use of high quality materials and components. The extremely strong and torsion stiff frame includes multiple lashing rings and load securement points. One of the major advantages of the new “HighwayMAX” is the fully metalized frame which ensures the best corrosion protection available on the market. This internal development principle is called MAXProtect+. This user-friendly operating concept makes the “HighwayMAX” a guarantor of flexibility with economic benefits for the heavy-duty transport jobs available in the United States and Canada.

Faymonville HighwayMAX Trailer

This new multi-axle trailer, the “HighwayMAX”, can be viewed and tested at the official US representative and sales agent for Faymonville, Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, located in Voorhees, New Jersey. Hale Trailer is one of the largest independent full service trailer dealerships with (12) East Coast branches from Maine to Florida. It sells new and used trailers and aftermarket parts, provides general repair and service to trailers and offers trailers for short or long term rental.

If you have any further questions or need additional service, please contact us at Faymonville or a representative from Hale Trailer.

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