Zwaar Transport Twente and Van der Vlist have recently completed the transport of a biomass system, to generate energy from vegetables. It had to move from near Bielefeld in Germany all the way down to 2 locations just below Perpignan in Southern France.

The machinery had to be moved in 6 separate pieces, the largest of which measured over 13 metres in length, 4,5 metres in width and was 3,65m high. At 45 tons for these three larger pieces, special permits had to be arranged in France, and modular trailers were used to accommodate the size and weight.

Zwaar Transport

Having loaded the pieces on the given fixed dates, the three largest on modular trailers and the smaller three on semi low trailers. The journey was arranged perfectly and all 6 trucks arrived to deliver the pieces to two different locations, having negotiated a very low bridge in France on route.