At the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, the revolutionary MPA Axle Technology developed by Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft was the big attraction for visitors from all over the world. It also fascinated the independent jury for the 2015 Trailer Innovation Award in the Chassis category.

Goldhofer MPA Axle Technology.

The Goldhofer stand in Hanover was devoted to the company’s MPA Axle Technology.

“I am delighted that we have received this distinction. The award is a reward for our bright sparks in the development and design engineering departments. They have succeeded in adapting the well known and proven MacPherson strut employed for automobiles for use with lowloaders and the needs of the heavy transportation industry,” said Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, at the presentation ceremony. Our MPA Axle Technology, for which patents are pending, is the lightest independent suspension system on the trailer market. It has been designed in line with the “less is more” principle for optimum performance in terms of axle tracking, steering, suspension, damping and suspension stroke.

At this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Goldhofer presented the latest addition to the MPA vehicle family in the form of the semitrailer combination MPA-K 7 (2+5) for payloads of up to 80 tons. In response to the exceptional level of demand for its new maintenance-free axle system, Goldhofer has now extended the MPA range to include the MPA-V and MPA-K. MPA-V vehicles come with a removable gooseneck and can be configured with various flatbeds, crawler decks and vessel bridges.

With the introduction of the MPA-K system unveiled in Hanover, Goldhofer now offers customers a modular solution with the MPA series, comprising combinable goosenecks, front bogies with between one and three axles and corresponding rear bogies with up to seven axles for both platform and drop deck combinations.

“The feedback we received in Hanover was overwhelming and shows that we have hit the nail right on the head with the further development of our MPA system. In future, heavy haulage companies will be able to configure exactly the right vehicle combination from the various MPA components for the type of load and the payload involved. That is the kind of flexibility they want, the flexibility they can rightly expect from Goldhofer as the industry leader in terms of innovation and technology,” says Renato Ramella, Sales Manager Europe at Goldhofer.

No wonder that the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show was such a big success for Goldhofer. “The quality of the contacts was again excellent and a large number of sales contracts were signed. In addition, the Goldhofer stand once again underscored our role as the industry’s leading innovator. A number of colleagues from the competition actually came to congratulate us on the results of our groundbreaking MPA Axle Technology,” Ramella adds.

Goldhofer wins 2015 Trailer Innovation Award

Goldhofer won the 2015 Trailer Innovation Award in the Chassis category.