Goldhofer THP/ SL modules with innovative hydraulic widening system for Australia.

The first THP/SL modules featuring Goldhofer’s newly developed hydraulic width adjustment system have been commissioned in Australia by ALE, the heavy transport specialist. In total, Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft has delivered forty axle lines with this innovative system and a range of accessories including goosenecks, ramps, etc. to the 2013 ESTA award winner. “This means ALE can react with extreme flexibility to the Australian regulations and can handle a wide range of transport operations more efficiently and economically,” says Horst Haefele, Sales Director Heavy Duty Modules at Goldhofer.

ALE Goldhofer THP/SL Modules

Following the completion of internal testing of the modules with the hydraulic widening system and prior to shipment to Australia, ALE’s General Manager of Global Operations David Purslow (right) and Horst Haefele agreed: “This makes heavy transport operations in Australia even more convenient and economical.”

As one of the world’s leading heavy transport specialists, ALE has five offices in Australia (Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Port Hedland and Gladstone) and has been using Goldhofer equipment for many years now. The main specifications for the new modules were a wheelbase of 1,800 mm and an adjustable width of 3,480 mm to 4,900 mm to permit a flexible response to different road regulations.

The solution was found in the form of the hydraulic width adjustment system developed in cooperation with ALE for Goldhofer THP/-SL split modules. As a result, the various vehicle combinations can be used at maximum axle load on the public roads of all six Australian states. The system enables the width of the THP/SL modules to be quickly changed without the use of a crane or other lifting equipment.

A further advantage of this new and innovative system is that the THP/SL split modules can also be used with a basic width of 3,000 mm for combination with Goldhofer’s self-propelled PST series with axle loads of up to 45 t. That makes it possible to employ the basic modules in the THP/SL series for off-road working, too, e.g. transporting mining excavators and other extra-heavy loads in the iron-ore mining industry.

“For this investment, we placed particular importance on providing a user-friendly solution and practical operation to ensure that our people out in the field have the optimum transport solution at their disposal,” says David Purslow, General Manager of Global Operations at ALE.

“Needless to say, the modules with hydraulic width adjustment can also be combined with turntables or drop decks,” Horst Haefele adds. “That further extends the range of applications available with these THP/SL modules, providing the optimum configuration with minimum effort for every transport requirement.”