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Grand entrance for the TII Group in Las Vegas

Grand Entrance for the TII Group in Las Vegas

Grand entrance for the TII Group in Las Vegas

As the old adage goes “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – however, the CONEXPO-CON/AGG shows that this is only partially true. The leading American trade fair for the construction and heavy-duty transport sector is known for regularly sending out important impulses around the world. From 7th to 11th May 2017, the TII Group will be exhibiting various models from its Highway product range in Las Vegas along with driven modular platform trailers as well as lightweight, self-propelled transport solutions.

On Stand G-1723, the world market leader will be presenting vehicles with hydraulically supported pendulum axles: SCHEUERLE Highway Trailer MES, SCHEUERLE Highway Giant PB (PowerBooster), SCHEUERLE SPMT Light and the SCHEUERLE KAMAG K 25 SP. Roland Fischer, Sales Manager at TII Sales responsible for the North American market, explains: “With our vehicles, we are able to cover an unrivalled range of transportation tasks regardless whether on public roads or factory premises. For heavy transport operations on public roads, we offer approval-optimised vehicle solutions in accordance with the respective approval regulations especially for North America by means of flexible designs for transit through different states and efficient solutions for empty runs.”

With the SCHEUERLE Highway Giant PB, the TII Group is exhibiting a Dual Lane Trailer which can be folded together onto standard trucks for efficient mobilisation – an innovation introduced by SCHEUERLE into the market. As a result, this saves on cost-intensive approval processes. The design not only allows different vehicle widths (4.8 m, 5.4 m, 6 m) but also offers the possibility to safely widen the vehicle when under load. Adapting to the wide range of regulations in force in the individual US federal states can therefore be carried out simply and cost-effectively for transit transports using just one vehicle. In order to achieve an optimal payload / dead weight ratio, the bogie units have been designed with a particularly stable lightweight construction. As a connection to the truck tractor, a gooseneck or drawbar is used whereby equipment such as spacer coupling elements or decks can also be incorporated without any problems. The centrepiece of the Highway Giant is the proven pendulum axle technology from SCHEUERLE. The hydraulic cylinders in the pendulum axles provide the greatest displacement volume on the market in order to be able to drive under and pick up loads. The SCHEUERLE pendulum axle bearings, in combination with the precise and easy-to-operate steering, guarantee simple manoeuvring also when negotiating extremely tight bends. With the SCHEUERLE Highway Giant PB, an auxiliary power unit provides additional thrust during the journey and facilitates the use as a self-propelled vehicle without a tractor. Thus, in certain circumstances, requiring a second tractor during transportation can be eliminated, and the load can also be easily manoeuvred when reaching the final destination even in tight spaces.

The SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer MES (Modular Extra Strong) on display follows on from the success of the non-modular models and completes the successful SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer series. It combines the requirements for transporting oversized loads as well as point loads on a single vehicle, and thus allows the owner to realise an unprecedented range of transport assignments using only one modular vehicle. The SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer MES allows configuration as a semi-trailer for all types of everyday loads as well as connecting with two platform trailers for accommodating extremely long loads, e.g. distribution column, containers or large carriers weighing up to 115 tonnes. This enables transport companies to expand their transport portfolio if required and, at the same time, to use the SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer MES in a semi-trailer version for handling “everyday orders”. This constellation can massively reduce the costs for the vehicle fleet and completely opens up new possibilities for accepting orders with special lengths or very high point loads.

With the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light, the TII Group is showcasing a versatile transport solution for in-plant transportation. The compact design of the vehicle modules is the main feature of the SPMT Light series which is exclusively offered on the world market only by the TII Group. Available as a 2 or 4-axle vehicle, it guarantees optimum flexibility for smaller transport tasks, e.g. in production halls. Payloads up to 220 t are possible. Naturally, the SPMT Light also has the well-known advantages of a traditional SCHEUERLE SPMT such as the robust design of the wheel bogie units and electronic multi-directional steering with all known steering programs. On request, the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light is available with an emission-free electric drive – likewise an innovation from Scheuerle which was introduced to the world market in 2016.

With the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 SP, the TII Group is presenting in Las Vegas a tried and tested all-rounder from the area of self-propelled, modular transporters. SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H SP and SPE vehicles are available in three, four or six-axle designs which provide a very cost-effective addition in order to be able to realise self-propelled transport units with existing K25 H-vehicles. Their advantage lies not only in the low and robust construction but also in the sophisticated control technology. Operators of non-driven K25 H fleets greatly appreciate the SP and SPE models which can be easily coupled with the towed versions. In this way, driven groups of vehicles can be created for on-site transport assignments and, through this, new business fields can be opened up.


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