Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations will be the recipients of the first FR Series extendable counterweight Hoist Liftruck in the United Kingdom.

A Hoist Liftruck FR Series 25/35 extendable counterweight liftruck is on its way to Gloucester and will be the first truck of that series in the United Kingdom. Machinery moving company Keith Rhodes Machinery purchased the FR 25/35 to add versatility to its equipment fleet, which currently includes three Hoist Liftruck Titan Series liftrucks.

“We are extremely excited to have our first FR Series on its way to the UK,” said Marty Flaska, president and owner of Hoist Liftruck. “We look forward to seeing more FR Series and other Hoist [Liftruck] products in the UK.”

Whether you are a rigger or machinery mover, this extraordinary liftruck provides a capacity range of 25,000 to 35,000 pounds (11 to 16 tons) with just a push of a button. The extendable frame provides additional capacity when needed to give operators the versatility to lift and transport a variety of heavy machinery or other heavy loads. The dual-fuel FR Series 25/35 features a 76-inch (1930mm) wheelbase and 24-inch (610mm) load center, and two-speed hydrostatic drive with variable RPM control and heavy-duty planetary power wheels.

The FR Series 25/35 also boasts these unique features:

  • Electric fan with automated reversing feature to keep radiator clean
  • Remote oil filter and drain for quick and easy maintenance
  • Hydraulics are hard-piped for a more streamlined design and to eliminate hose replacements
  • Standard engine overflow reservoir for enhanced serviceability
  • Easily accessible wear pads for enhanced serviceability
  • Hydraulic multi-gauge for quick and easy hydraulic readings
  • Separate hoods/access compartments for engine and hydraulics for enhance serviceability
  • Side-shift carriage shifts under full load WITHOUT derating the liftruck’s capacity
  • Quick-change attachment system requiring NO TOOLS
  • Onboard Load Calculator provides capacities for forks and boom for all counterweight slab variations and chassis extension position
  • Digital MD3 operator display shows all gauges, warning lights and diagnostics, including onboard load weighing system and capacity calculator
  • Cab features tilt steering, center console design for better control and service access, and stationary mounting of gauges and electronics for increased longevity of the wiring harness
  • Optional collapsible boom stand for ease of transport and storage
  • Optional wireless remote, safety camera systems and lighting

For further information on Hoist Liftruck, please contact; Dan Peter Marketing Director, Hoist Liftruck Tel: (USA) 708 552 2769