The Heavy Transport Association (HTA), the only specialist trade association for the heavy and abnormal load industry, officially launch the two City & Guilds Assured Abnormal Load Escort Training Programmes and HTA certifications.

Developed and improved from their previous Escort Training courses, the Abnormal Load Escort Driver Stage 2 and the Abnormal Load Escort Manager Stage 3 Programmes champion safety standards for the benefit of the industry and HTA members.

Available across selected HTA Approved regional training centres, both training Programmes are tailored to escort and pilot car Drivers across the heavy transport and mobile crane sector to prove competency, reduce risk, improve public safety and promote industry excellence. Successful completion and assessment of these City & Guilds assured credentials will result in HTA certification.

Split across two Programmes, candidates are expected to undertake the Stage 2 Driver Programme before progressing to the higher Stage 3 Managers Programme. With both modules designed to test and satisfy the requirements of Operational staff, both the Stage 2 and Stage 3 Programmes cover a variety of topics including:

• Escort Driver legislative requirements, Code of Practice and industry standards.
• Preparation of escort vehicles, vehicle condition and the briefing of personnel.
• The appropriate load and vehicle positioning whilst on the road.
• Effective third party communication and appropriately responding to emergencies, incidents and unexpected situations.
• Post operative procedure checks and movement report completion.
• Planning abnormal load movements, necessary documentation and the roles and responsibilities of those involved.
• Managing vehicles and traffic.
• The requirements of multiple escorts and convoys of loads.

With the implementation of these two improved Training Programmes throughout regional training centres, the Heavy Transport Association aims to greatly increase safety standards across the industry, reducing risks and improving the competency of Operators and Drivers alike.

The addition of the Assured recognition guarantees these Programmes are benchmarked against the City & Guilds quality standards, providing the confidence and reassurance of highly accredited professional development.
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