Leading truck manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus UK has made a big impression with John Sutch, owner of the John Sutch Cranes, and he has just added a new MAN TGX 26.560 6×4 D38, plated 150t gcw to his fleet.

John explained why MAN is his first choice for the crane support work: “We have eight 150 tonne wagons in the fleet and they are all MAN simply because they have never once let us down. “These wagons are the support vehicles to the cranes. They are carrying the ballast needed for the cranes to operate and they travel the UK always fully loaded. “The crane fleet, supported by highly trained operatives, is the hub of our organisation and it is supported by our in-house team which incorporates rigging, transport and appointed persons. “We have never been let down by MAN or the vehicles. They go in at night for their repair and maintenance and they are ready to go back out on the road the next morning without us suffering any downtime. “MAN Truck & Bus Manchester has provided us with excellent service for the last 20 years and we are still running vehicles that are about 10 years old. The operators like them and they are reliable.”

MAN have had an enviable reputation in the crane ballast and heavy plant and low-loader operations. John Donnelly, MAN’s heavy haulage specialist, added: “The reputation MAN has built up makes us the first choice for operators such as John Sutch when they are looking to expand their fleets. “The new D38 Euro 6 engine at 560HP was the natural choice for John’s requirements. The wide range of torque, rising to 2,900Nms is very impressive and copes with is range of jobs very well.”