MAX Trailer customers can now configure the MAX510 low beds series with pendle-axles. A total stroke of 600mm provides maximum compensation between the individual axles. The pendulum movements are designed to absorb unevenness and keep the vehicle in stable balance. A 60° steering angle is included for manoeuvrability. The pendle-axles provide a capacity of 12-tonnes per axle line and the detachable gooseneck of the MAX510 lowbed trailer enables a loading process from the front.

The MAX Trailer range is: MAX100 – a two to six-axle semi low loader with friction or knuckle steering that is also available in an extendable version (single or double extending); MAX200 – a three to four-axle plateau semi-trailer, similarly available in a telescopically extendable version, with friction or knuckle steering; MAX300 – a trailer with two or three central axles and ramps; MAX410 – a knuckle-steered platform trailer with three to five axles for the transport of crane parts and weights; MAX510 – a low-bed semi-trailer with two axles, removable gooseneck and extendable bed; MAX600 – a turntable trailer with three or four axles for the building and public works sector.