Successful First Mission for M.J. Van Riel’s New CombiMAX


Successful First Mission for M.J. Van Riel's New CombiMAX

After two nights and a total of 850 kilometres, the destination is practically within reach. The 4+6 lowbed combination with an overall length of 33.5 metres and a total weight of 155 tonnes is ready for take-off in the Veghel industrial area in the Netherlands. The low loader is loaded with an 88-tonne transformer. Starting in Regensburg, the journey took them through the whole of Germany to the north-east of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant.

Gerwin “Kubus” Boemaars is project manager at M.J. van Riel and coordinates the project. He has worked in the sector for thirty years, so nothing fazes him, not even this type of mission. His mobile rings again and the threads come together. He communicates his instructions clearly. “We are now starting the last phase”, he finally says and gives the start signal for the escort vehicles and the 4+6 combination with flatbed deck. The pitfalls of the last few kilometres on the local N622 are well known. The roundabout is masterfully negotiated thanks to the agile pendle axles. The yellow convoy then made its way slowly and safely through an underpass. Gerwin Boemaars can observe everything without stress. “This is where the lowbed and the low loading height pay off, giving us the necessary centimetres.”

Successful First Mission for M.J. Van Riel's New CombiMAX

The last phase consists of reversing from the main road to the transformer station. The M.J. van Riel mobile crane is already waiting here. The team is perfectly coordinated. All the cogs interlock. Driver Ed has a good overview from his Mercedes Arocs 8×4 tractor unit – for which this is also the very first mission. Thanks to the low loader’s power steering system, he can also thread into the factory area in just a few seconds. The CombiMAX, with all its modular options and intuitive functionality, is in good hands with Ed. “I’m becoming more and more confident with the system,” he says after the premiere and his new impressions with the new modular system.

Once all the chains and tension belts have been released, the crane picks up the transformer. A few metres from the low loader, it is placed on the designated spot with pinpoint precision. Once the load has been removed, the lowbed returns to its curved pre-tensioned position. It’s an impressive performance that shows just how robust these combinations are.

Successful First Mission for M.J. Van Riel's New CombiMAX

Driver Ed only casually followed the unloading process. He rather hurries quickly from the operating element to the front and rear bogie. Some axles are lifted for unladen journeys. This simplifies manoeuvring and reduces tyre wear. Meanwhile, the rest of the Van Riel team packs up the load securing equipment.Everything happens at lightning speed. “The next projects are already planned”, reports Gerwin Boemaars about a full agenda for the new CombiMAX. He devotes his entire life to international heavy duty transport and you immediately see that he knows all about his job. But that’s it for today. The CombiMAX has successfully completed its first mission.