There’s a growing interest among specialist transport and heavy haulage operators for both long and shorts-term rental of special trailers. To meet this demand Nooteboom has entered into an exclusive partnership with Exceptional Trailer Rental Ltd for trailer rental in the UK.

New company, long history
A brand new company, but with a long history with trailers for abnormal transport. Exceptional Trailer Rental is owned and managed by Nigel Houghton, who introduced Nooteboom Trailers into the UK forming HSE Ltd as main dealer. After this, he managed Nooteboom UK, before forming Exceptional Trailer Rental. With more than 40 years’ experience in the supply of abnormal load trailers, Nigel is an excellent adviser in the field of the rental of special trailers to our UK customers.

Range of Nooteboom rental trailers
The modern fleet of top quality Nooteboom rental trailers will be continuously expanded. Based in Gloucestershire, Exceptional Trailer Rental uses State of the Art ‘check out/check in’ procedures to ensure a fast and efficient handover. At this moment the following trailers are available for short and long term rental:

  • Stepframe trailers with 3- or 4-axles, with fixed or extendable decks and with various types of loading ramps
  • Lowbed trailers with hydraulic power steering and extendable super-shallow deck
  • Flatbed Teletrailers with hydraulic power steering and triple extendable load floor

For availability and prices call Nigel on +44 7850 496799 or by email on For technical specifications of the rental trailers check:

Try before you buy
When a haulier is considering purchasing a new Nooteboom trailer and they have no previous experience with the Nooteboom brand, this presents an ideal opportunity to arrange a short term rental of one of the trailers from the rental fleet. After a positive experience and the customer should decide to purchase a new Nooteboom trailer, Nooteboom will take care of the rental costs.

Nigel Houghton
Exceptional Trailer Rental Ltd.
Phone: +44 7850 496799