Things are really taking off at MAX Trailer. Just after the presentation of its new low-bed semi-trailer MAX510, the trailer manufacturer came up with some more good news: the 1000th brand vehicle has rolled off the assembly line.

Mario Faymonville, responsible for the products, was able to present this impressive result after only three years of the company’s existence. “Our customer base grew at a rapid pace, simply because our concept completely convinces the users: premium quality as standard”. MAX Trailer achieved these stunning figures together with an international dealer network of more than 35 partners.

“Standardised vehicles with simple equipment, but with the highest level of quality” – this motto, worded by Mario Faymonville, fits in with the pulse of the times. Because transport companies need use-oriented and practical solutions, but in sustainable and robust quality. “MAX Trailer fulfils these criteria, and breaking the 1000 unit limit is impressive proof. The demand for the various models continues to grow increasingly and the customers find the perfect harmony between cost and benefit”

The symbolic milestone vehicle number 1000 was a MAX100 low loader. It was delivered to the English sales partner Traffco. The company from Northamptonshire, managed by the brothers Mike and Peter Dougan, is the official trading partner in the United Kingdom of MAX Trailer and its parent company Faymonville. Due to its extensive product knowledge and excellent customer support, Traffco managed to make the Belgian manufacturer the industry leader on the national semi-trailer market.

MAX Trailers has impressively gained an international foothold in the sector since its launch in 2012. Maximum quality in terms of manufacturing processes and material selection guarantee that the end user receives a high-performance product. And this is exactly what finds approval and appreciation. This combined with a product diversity that covers all transport requirements in standardised assembly procedures.

The highlight is the MAX100, a 3 to 5-axle semi-low loader, which is also available as an extendable model or with ramps. This vehicle is suitable for special transport purposes in industrial, construction and public work applications. The MAX200 model is a 3-axle plateau semi-trailer (also available with telescopic function), whereby the MAX300 is designed as a trailer with 3 central axles and ramps. Finally, the MAX400 is a platform trailer with four axles specialising in the transport of crane components and weights. With the MAX510, MAX Trailer is now also offering a product in the low-bed segment, which also follows the brand motto: premium quality as standard!MAX Trailer x 1000 - 1fw