Search Impex, are pleased to announce the release of a Mercedes Arocs (6×4) tractor unit with a Nooteboom Multi-PX 5 axle, extender stepframe trailer, customised in the livery of well known heavy haulage operator J. B. Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd.

The model has been produced as a Search Impex Exclusive release by WSI Collectibles as a certificated Limited Edition (175 pieces) and has been commissioned to mark the 50th anniversary of the Company and is available now to purchase now from Search Impex.

The decision, taken jointly with J B Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd., to base the model on the Mercedes Arocs (6×4) unit with the Nooteboom Multi-PX 5 axle trailer, was made because it makes for a heavy haulage combination which, to the best of our knowledge and belief, has not yet been produced for any other UK based heavy haulier.

Incorporated some 50 years ago (in February 1967), J.B. Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd., has grown to become something of a household name in the heavy haulage industry. Today’s business provides a complete service covering all aspects of transport, including general cargo and the movement of indivisible and abnormal loads, heavy lifting, installations & removals, jacking, skidding and rigging and SPMT operations. Route studies, site inspections and comprehensive site surveys by experienced personnel prior to movements of abnormal loads form part of the comprehensive service package, as do police notifications, liaison with highway authorities & structure owners and the provision of escort vehicles.

The Company has a large array of specialist equipment with multiple configuration possibilities. In terms of prime movers, J B Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd., currently has around 20 units in the fleet, (a mix of Mercedes, MAN, Volvo & Scania), ranging from 44 tons, up to the impressive 250 ton capacity Mercedes Arocs and MAN 8×4 tractor units.

The Nooteboom Multi-PX 5 axle, extender stepframe trailer is a relatively recent addition to the comprehensive range of trailers and load moving kit – which includes more than 60 platform trailers, in a variety of sizes, load bearing capabilities & each with varying manoeuvrability characteristics. Within the mix are single, double and triple extenders, as well as semi low loaders (some of which can achieve a running height of 760mm, for loads where overall height and manoeuvrability is an issue).

The offering in low loaders varies in size and load bearing capability and ranges from steering, extendable and width adjustable trailers to accommodate the specific load to be carried, through to ultra low bed trailers with a deck thickness of just 220mm, which can be operated only millimetres from the ground (so enabling high loads to be transported using motorway networks). Bogies & modular equipment with a variety of decks and beams in various lengths with extendable options, not to mention a more recent investment in SPMT units, completes the range.

The models are available from Search Impex now and are priced at £174 each (including UK delivery & VAT).

For details of availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website at or call on 01332 873555.