Goldhofer »Faktor 5« high girder bridge transports a huge ABB transformer in Sweden.

Whenever especially heavy loads have to be moved, it is time for Kraftdragarna to get out its Big T. That is the name the Swedish heavy haulage specialist has given its »Faktor 5« girder bridge from Goldhofer with reference to Big Tommy, the nickname given to Kraftdragarna’s Managing Director Tommy Sellgren. And the Big T recently made a very special debut: For the international technology company ABB, Kraftdragarna was called upon to move a 391 ton transformer over a distance of 800 meters to the ABB warehouse at Ludvika.

“It was no problem to move the transformer with the Big T; our »Faktor 5« high girder bridge can handle payloads of up to 500 tons. So for that load we had plenty of reserves with regard to weight and dimensions,” says Tommy Sellgren, who was very satisfied with the premiere. Thanks to Goldhofer’s innovative vehicle technology, even narrow and winding roads were no problem for the Big T. With a total length of about 75 meters and an overall traveling height of 5.10 meters, big T simply rose to the challenge.

“That’s just the kind of operation we acquired our Big T for. It’s the payload to deadweight ratio of 5:1 that makes jobs of this kind possible. It also means less hassle with permits, no delays in handling the project and a generally relaxed experience for all concerned,” says a pleased Tommy Sellgren.

For the ABB transformer, twelve THP/SL axle lines front and rear kept axle load down to about 24 tons, while propulsion was provided with one truck pulling in front and a truck at the rear for pushing.big_t_02