Van der Vlist recently moved a 15m long generator from Germany to the Bury St Edmonds in the United Kingdom.

The 3.1m wide unit was 3.85m high and had most of the 50t weight centered in the middle. A 2 bed 4 vessel bridge trailer with supports was used to ensure that the unit was fully supported.

The Van der Vlist office in the United Kingdom made all necessary preparations for the movement which had combined transport dimensions of (L) 35.75m x (W) 3.2m x (H) 4.50m – weighing 112.300kg. BE16 special order permits were acquired to ensure the sugar factory generator was delivered on time – whilst utilising Van der Vlist’s escort vehicles.

Thanks to the diversity of the Van der Vlist equipment and expertise from their staff the unit arrived safely at its destination.