The first semitrailer in the new MPA-K series from Goldhofer has started life with a long journey; it has been delivered to a long-standing Goldhofer customer, the Hong Kong company Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation Ltd.

The MPA-K 5 (0+5) has a deck length of 10.5 m plus a 7.4 m extension. With an axle load of 12 t at 80 km/h and a total laden weight of 84 t, the five-axle MPA-K has a payload of approx. 60 t, increasing to about 90 t with the front three-axle bogie from the MPA-K modular system. At an axle load of 15.6 t, technical overall weight for the complete 8-axle semitrailer is thus over 150 t. Both bogies are compatible with the MPA-K universal gooseneck. That means both the front and the rear bogie can be coupled to the gooseneck without making changes to things like steering rods, thus minimizing adjustment work and saving valuable time.

“We’re already getting excellent service from our heavy-duty modules and low loader semitrailers from Goldhofer,” said Jason Ho, Managing Director of Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation Ltd. at the official handover of the MPA-K 8 at the Goldhofer plant in Memmingen. “Thanks to the combination options available with the new MPA-K semitrailer family, we always have the right vehicle for an even faster and more flexible response to varying customer requirements. Established some sixty years ago, Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation Ltd. is now one of the leading heavy haulage companies in Hong Kong and also has a presence on Macau and in mainland China.

The MPA-K range is a modular semitrailer system comprising various bogies, decks (drop deck, flat bed, vessel bridge), semitrailer bogies with extension spine, and goosenecks. The front bogies come with one, two or three axles, and the rear bogies with between four and seven. The semitrailers offer single or double extendability. Flexible, modular and variable – those are just a few of the outstanding characteristics of the new MPA-K. The MPA Axle Technology developed by Goldhofer also makes a decisive contribution, comprising as it does just a wheel carrier, strut and extension arm. The result, amongst other advantages, is high permissible axle loads, a loading height of only 780 mm, a 350 mm suspension stroke, a steering lock angle of 60° and a highly maintenance-friendly system.