While much of modern life seems confusing in the extreme and the uncertainty over the country’s future direction makes long-term planning difficult, Nimble Publishing, producer of the heavy transport industry’s only dedicated title HeavyTorque is delighted to be able to give advanced notice of The Heavies awards 2020, our fifth awards evening. This is a firm date for everybody’s diary and a great opportunity to meet and celebrate everything that’s truly great about this unique sector of the transport industry.

The specialist heavy transport industry’s very own awards evening is to be held on 20 March 2020, at Peterborough Arena at the East of England Showground. The first-rate facilities and central position make this the ideal location, with easy access and the ability to accommodate large heavy haulage combinations. This now biennial event has proven to be the perfect opportunity for all in the industry to meet and enjoy each other’s company and showcase excellence in all aspects of this unique and truly diverse sector of road transport.

Teams of dedicated professionals utilise some of the largest, most complex vehicles and equipment to achieve transport, lifting and installation projects that often seem near impossible to the layman. The business of moving the largest of loads, on the UK’s underfunded and deteriorating road network, throws up new challenges for the industry almost on a daily basis. Customers demand higher levels of service, often with greater time restraints and other stringent requirements – but the specialists within the industry continue to find ways to meet their needs.

It’s also an opportunity for vehicle, trailer and associated equipment manufacturers to both showcase their products and compete with their competitors for a range of awards that reflect the technical innovation and the advanced designs that are key to almost every specialist transport operation.

We are delighted to welcome back our guest presenter and BBC broadcaster Sally Boazman, better known as Sally Traffic, who will announce and present the awards for us, ably assisted once again, by Jon Harle, a regular contributor to HeavyTorque.

At the Heavies 2020, we will celebrate the winners and those who are highly commended, furthermore it’s also an opportunity to thank the industry’s movers and shakers who generously support this event. Remember 20/03/2020: a firm date for your diary!

Entries now open
This announcement officially marks the grand opening for entries, so without further ado, please click here to take a look at the 15 categories available for 2020.
Please note, the qualifying period for all submissions must have been fulfilled between August 2018 and January 2020.
Entry Deadline: Friday 24th January 2020.

Its free to enter… and it couldn’t be simpler
Either submit your entries manually via email to, or alternatively, please use the dedicated online portal by clicking here.

Answers to all common questions can be found on our website. Please click here.

Sponsorship, Exhibits and Table Allocation
To discuss exhibitor opportunities, sponsorship or attendance, please contact myself Andy Adams, or my colleague Oxy Terlecka on +44 (0) 1572 504006. A copy of the 2020 Media Pack can also be viewed online in digital format, or downloaded in pdf format – please choose the most appropriate option for you, from the available links below:

Digital link (online): The Heavies 2020 Media Pack
Downloadable pdf: Download the 2020 Media Pack in pdf format

If I, or a member of the team can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0) 1572 504006.

I very much hope we can accommodate you and your team in March of next year.

Andy Adams