Van der Vlist recently helped in the project to build a new car tyre manufacturing facility in Ulyanovsk, south western Russia.

They were asked to arrange for some equipment in boxes measuring up to 3,75m long, 2,72m wide and 1,69m high to be moved to the construction site from the port of St Petersburg. As they were shipped in by flatrack from Japan, the best solution was to bring the boxes the short distance from the port to Van der Vlist’s St Petersburg facility, needing 6 trucks in total.

Once at the depot, a 50 tonne mobile crane unloaded the flat racks and lifted the cargo, weighing around 8 tonnes per box back onto the 3 axle low loader, which once secured could make it’s way down to the site in Ulyanovsk.

The journey was through some icy and snowy weather, as Van der Vlist’s Russian office is well used to dealing with, temperatures on the route were as low as -30°C. The cargo arrived for a smooth unloading after it’s 1 600km journey to the factory site.

Van der Vlist Special transport Russia