Van der Vlist were recently enlisted to help with a big project in Western Poland. The construction of a new Volkswagen factory just 30km from Van der Vlist’s Poznan office is a great boost to the local area, with production planned to start in 2016 at the factory, schedules are tight.

Van der Vlist Volkswagen Project

In order to reach this deadline, 3 500 concrete piles had to be placed by Pfahl König before Christmas, so Van der Vlist were asked by to deliver 5 huge piling rigs, and many additional pieces and tools onto the site.

These rigs were collected from across North-Eastern Germany, and delivered onto the factory site in Września. Weighing around 80 tonnes each, and with dimensions at 20m x 3,5m x 3,5m, they had to be moved using modular trailers, to accommodate the full length and weight in particular.

Western Poland Van der Vlist Project

Due to the tight schedule, Van der Vlist also arranged for the delivery of an array of parts and tools to the site in 25 separate trucks, in order to make sure that the machines can operate at maximum efficiency to complete the task within the time frame.

Once the task was completed, the drilling rigs had to be off site, and the return delivery back to their depots was carried out, as work on the factory continued.