With more and more focus on green renewable energy, we have seen a large increase in wind turbines across the world, an industry which has grown enormously over the previous 2 decades. Van der Vlist have recently invested in new equipment and increased their fleet for the transportation of these large structures.

For wind turbine blades, Van der Vlist have purchased several Nooteboom trailers which are able to extend in order to cope with blades up to around 69m long on public roads. These trailers also hav clamp attachments to fully secure blades in place for transportation, which are adaptable to suit all of the main turbine manufacturers.

Wind turbine transport

They have also purchased some new clamp trailers, designed to move the tower sections of wind turbines, the combinations of modular trailers have clamps on either side to secure the section in place, at a height suitable for transport. The trailer can take a section at up to 95 tonnes each.

Windkraftanlage transport

With these new trailers added into the fleet, Van der Vlist can comfortably transport all sections of the newer generation of larger renewable energy wind turbines being built across Europe, as well as offshore. Van der Vlist – The Power to Care

The outstanding performance of DOLL at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair underscores the company’s technology leadership in all business units and clearly proves the differentiation from the competition.