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HeavyTorque: Faktor 5
HeavyTorque: Faktor 5

500 km through India with the »Faktor 5«

The Goldhofer »Faktor 5« high girder bridge has passed its first operational test in India with flying colours! The heavy-haulage specialist Lee & Muirhead Pvt Ltd. used Goldhofer’s multifunctional “lightweight big boy” – it is designed to handle a wide range of oversized cargos with a ...

Hanuman buy Goldhofer for power station construction in India

Lee and Muirhead invest in a Goldhofer »Faktor 5« high girder bridge to transport generator stators in India. »Faktor 5« for India: To help ensure that even the biggest power generation projects can be handled in this fast-growing industrial country in South-east Asia, the logistics company Lee ...