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You can find all the latest news from the heavy and abnormal transport sector and the heavy lifting industry here, including new equipment and legislation, and recent information from manufacturers and operators. Click on the headline to read the full story, or use the search facility below to find specific information.

Historic Second World War Rescue Vessel Project for ALE
Historic Second World War Rescue Vessel Project for ALE

ALE Bespoke Solution for Historic Second World War Rescue Vessel

ALE has designed bespoke equipment to complete the jacking, transportation and installation of a fragile Second World War rescue vessel, Rescue Motor Launch (RML) 497, in Hartlepool, UK. The specially-tailored solution minimised disruption at the docks and during the heavy haulage ...

ALE deliver transformers using transhipment move through London

ALE was contracted to deliver three transformers weighing 135t and measuring 7.6m x 4.98m x 4.55m to the new National Grid substation in Highbury, North London. The delivery to site involved taking a route on the M25 motorway in one night, followed by a daytime move through London. Because of ...